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Storage Container Rentals & Sales

Equipment Base is the top source for all of your storage container needs. Equipment Base can help you save on all sizes of storage containers for sale, rent, and lease throughout the entire United States and parts of Canada. The team at Equipment Base has more than 20 years of experience in the portable storage industry so we can help you pick out the right size storage container for your specific needs. EquipmentBase.com partners with the best storage container companies, so when you use EquipmentBase.com to get a storage container you will get the most secure, affordable storage container paired with excellent customer service.

Why Buy or Rent a Storage Container?

There are a ton of ways that you can use a portable storage container, whether you need some extra space around your house, need to safely store important business or medical records, or need somewhere to keep some things on a construction site. Here are a few of the reasons that customers choose an on-site storage container over other options:

  • Convenience - The ability to keep your storage container wherever you want it combined with the fact that you can access it at any time is the ultimate in convenience for many customers.
  • Affordability - Compared to other storage options available an on-site storage container will usually cost less. You can find a storage container rental in most markets for under $90 a month.
  • Safety - If you get your storage container from one of the top companies then it will have highly secure, advanced locking systems, steel materials, and water-tight design which means that your stuff will be kept safe from weather, robbers and everything else.

Types Storage Containers

Here are a few of the most popular types of storage containers:

  • Storage Containers - These are often referred to as cargo containers or shipping containers. They have and all steel design and are built to survive in the toughest weather conditions. They typically have swinging doors on one or both ends.
  • Portable Storage Units - These usually have roll-up doors on one end and are commonly referred to as moving pods as they are often used to move houses and businesses. A portable storage unit is often dropped off at your property and once you've filled it, it will be taken to a warehouse to be stored off-site.
  • Refrigerated Storage Containers - These are just like normal storage containers but they have refrigeration systems installed which makes them great for storing and transporting food and other perishable goods.