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Equipment Base helps large warehouses and facilities nationwide with their floor scrubber purchases everyday. Research and compare new vs. used floor scrubbers and evaluate whether a floor scrubber rental makes more sense for your company. Then let EquipmentBase.com help you compare prices in less than five minutes. We don't just help you save time on finding floor scrubbers for sale and rent, we also help ensure you only work with full service partners that can back up their equipment and provide emergency service in a pinch. Every floor scrubber size and type imaginable is at your disposal so get start now or read on for more information.

Types of Floor Scrubbers For Sale:

  • Walk Behind - Small to medium capacity floor scrubbers for smaller jobs, or for tight spaces.
  • Ride-On - Heavy duty floor scrubbers for large surface areas in warehouses, convention centers and parking lots.
  • Vacuum Scrubber - Often used for flood cleanup or combination of surfaces from tile to carpet.

Floor Scrubber FAQ

The typical Equipment Base customer has never purchased or rented a floor scrubber before so we know part of our job is helping to educate them to ensure their needs are properly met. We have found that most customers will need to answer these questions before they can decide:

What size floor scrubber will work best for my company?

Getting the correct size scrubber is critical to make sure that you can complete your job in a reasonable time frame but also do not overspend. Start by calculating the surface area that will need to be regularly cleaned and the time that it will take to do a full run through with your scrubber. Each environment will vary in urgency of cleaning, some only need once per week while others need multiple per day. For facilities that need scrubbing everyday we recommend the large capacity ride on scrubbers, as the walk behind scrubbers can take up to three times as long and can be grueling for the operator. If you need a floor scrubber rental a sales associate can often give your property a walk through in order to offer a recommendation on the size that will suit your specific job.

Should I buy a used floor scrubber or is a new machine worth the extra expense?

A used scrubber will save you money upfront every time, but not always in the long term. New floor scrubbers are more efficient saving on fuel or electricity costs and in general require less upkeep. The high maintenance costs can quickly whittle away the roughly 40% initial cost savings you enjoy, so we recommend that for heavy duty, large area, daily use applications, avoid a used floor scrubber for sale that is over two years old.

What are the extra costs involved with renting a floor scrubber?

Most floor scrubbers will include a full tank of cleaner and the basic scrubbing pads for your type of surface. If you rent a ride on scrubber that requires fuel you will need to return it full or pay the inflated rates upon return. Other than state and local taxes the other large unavoidable fee is delivery charges, which run anywhere from $50 to $200 each way depending on scrubber size and your proximity to the dealer location.

How do I know which scrubber dealer to trust?

We have some guidelines on which dealers to stick with and which to avoid. It all starts with experience, and we only recommend working with dealers with at least two years experience and preferably more. This really comes in to play on the aftermarket services where experienced technicians are critical when your floor scrubber breaks down. It is also a good idea to look to large association memberships that indicate they work within best practices for sales, rental and customer service. To check out the more established go to the RFMA or the IFMA.